Rotterdam – the Netherlands
Paris – France




You make ‘art like bouquets’ When/how did you become a flower stylist?

In Japan I was in Interior decoration and I have always liked flowers.
I would have liked to make some natural compositions with interior design and
decided to go to Paris to learn French flower art that I dreamed since long time.  


Tell is us a bit about how you became a flower stylist and what did you do to get where you are now?

I tried to meet some parisian flower stylists in the beginning and participated to create flower decorations to help them. Then I met ODORANTES Paris who work with many maisons de la mode like Chanel, Cartier, Lemaire and Dior etc…
Working with them, I became a freelance flower stylist and tried to make decorations for showrooms, restaurants, weddings and other events in Paris.
After 15 years of parisian life, decided to come to Rotterdam to built my atelier floral and now still working in Paris for special events and offers.



What is your ‘signature’ when it comes to your own creations? What do you love to do most?

I love to touch flowers and make natural bouquet in my hands. It is so nice and healing with delicateness, softness, smells and of course I am fascinated by the beauty of the nature. I love to share to make a flower bouquets or arrangements with another persons. I would love to have flower workshops again in near futur!


What is your favorite flower and why?

Hmmm, it is a very difficult question! I love so many flowers. Anemone, ranouculous, cosmos, poppy, snow drops,fritillaria, tulip, narcisse, peony… and roses. Wild and delicate flowers. They remind me my childhood, the garden of my grand mother and holidays I spent with my parents.


Do you have a preferred season where you think the flowers are the best?

Spring. At this season, flowers bring us the warmness and softness of the nature. We get happier by the signature of the spring. They are so delicate and strong.



What is you favorite assignement/request that you did?

Shoji the orner hair stylist at Hair Studio Picnic asked me to make some decorations in his salon. I enjoyed a lot to bloom this nice place, including some flower clouds.
I started to share some words with flower lovers and to have some flower orders for personal pleasure or  shop decorations in Rotterdam. It brought me a lot of enriching encounters. 


You have worked with flowers in different cultures what differences have you experienced between Japan, France and The Netherlands when it comes to flowers?

Japan, France and The Netherlands, they have all beautiful and deep cultures.
In Japan, I learned the importance to take and feel a part of the nature in our house. It is a Japanese philosophy since ling time.
In France, I discovered « l’art de vivre » . The flowers are indispensable to enjoy their life with a sensibility and delicateness.
In The Netherlands, of course the richness of flower culture. I’m fascinated by the Dutch flower still life painting with beautiful light, particularly in the ages of 18th century.


Do you have any wishes for the future?

I would love to continue to share with many people my love to the nature and the beauty.


What’s the best advice you have gotten and what’s the best advice you can give considering your work?

Love the flowers, take care of them and observe.
Beauty is in the detail!

Yoko made a beautiful flowercloud for Lennebelle Jewelry and we used her bouquets for photoshoots.