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Amber de Vreng (illustrator/graphic designer/artist)
Mother of Lilou (3,5)
Zaandam, the Netherlands


It’s just shitty you have to share your child. And yes I have 3 days of the week where I can sleep, see my friends and work but most of the time I just miss her and that sucks.

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Annelijn (Founder Dapper Maentje)
Mother of Maen & Dapper. Amsterdam, the Netherlands


‘At that time I also introduced the “sleeping gemstone” to Maen. I really enjoy products that have a story. And with most minerals you have a really beautiful and magical story to tell. The gemstone and the story really got to her and before we knew it she slept through all night – 2 straight weeks – in her own bed. A small victory she wash the stone every night before she goed to sleep for extra power.’

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Guusje van Gils – de Haas (Founder HAAS)
Mother of Niko (3) & Bowi (1). Rhoon, the Netherlands


‘The best thing is never being alone again. I’m an only child and my mother passed away when I was 18, so there were times when I could feel a bit lonely. Being a mum myself makes me feel really rich and complete.’

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Alexandra van Eck (Copywriter / Founder Très Jewelry)
Mother of Ava (3). Rotterdam, the Netherlands


‘I like the relaxed attitude of the Dutch. In Russia, when it comes to kids, there are so many ‘rules’ and restrictions’

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Nina Pierson (Co-founder Bedrock / Co-founder SLA)
Mother of Ella (1). Amsterdam, the Netherlands


‘She reminds me every single day that we all are loving beings to start with.
The only problem with growing up is that we get distracted by our desires and thoughts.
Having a child reminds you constantly to live from your heart and make decisions that stem from love.’

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Angel Kwok (owner / OHMYHOME)
Mother of Levyn (2) and Seph (0). Rotterdam, the Netherlands


‘I have so much love to give. There is no love like mother-love. It’s intense, magical and unconditional.’

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Kim Tchai (entrepreneur / CEO Tchai International)
Mother of Woed (5), and Dia (2). Mijnsheerenland, the Netherlands


‘I’m not really the kind of girl that was always into babies etc. but now I have my own I cannot imagine without.’

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Alexandra (owner / creator By Alex Playmats)
Mother of Faas (6), Simon (2) and Hella (10 months). Rotterdam, the Netherlands


‘Don’t try to keep your ‘old’ life, embrace your new one.’

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Nora (art director & owner/creator La Fête)
Mother of Puck (6) & Mia (2). Haarlem, The Netherlands


‘The best thing is motherhood itself, since we really wanted children for quiet a while and weren’t able to have them.’

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Karina (Frankys Playground)
Mother of Liam (2), the Hague Haag, the Netherlands


‘I love to give them a safe space and give them security, so they know they can talk to me about everything’

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Tjitske (Photographer)
Mother of Elou (1), Ibiza, Spain


‘She talks so much in her own language, at some point Jos and I crack up laughing.’

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Vie Bonacci (Blogger for The Door In The Wall) mother of Julie (2).Arnhem, The Netherlands
Madelon Verdoorn (Blogger for The Door In The Wall) mother of Sylvester (4) and Reva (2) L.A, California, U.S.A


‘She explores the world with her whole body and mind and makes everybody smile while doing that’ – Vie

‘I like them to explore, to be independent, to be curious, to make mistakes. Yes, that takes more time but I have time now.’ – Madelon

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Esther van de Paal (Co-owner Babyccino Kids)

Mother of Sara (9), Pim (7), Ava (4) and Casper (2) Amsterdam, The Netherlands


‘I want my children to become confident, positive people who treat happiness of other people as their own one.’

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Anne-Britt Hansen (owner Pearls and Swines)

Mother of Pearly Lee (3) and Lovis Sue (0) Den Haag, The Netherlands


‘My hearts melts every day. But I think the first time Pearly and Lovis made real contact was truly magical.’

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Vanessa de Kock-Erasmus (Event organizer, 100% Mama Event and owner kids label Little Indians)

Mother of Dayne (3) and Jimmy (1) Rotterdam, The Netherlands


‘There is no universal rule for raising kids. It’s not as simple as black and white. Every child is different, try to keep that in mind’

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Sabine van Gompel (Relations Manager)

Mother of Lola (9 months)Amsterdam, The Netherlands


‘Lola has the most beautiful room in the house. It’s a very bright room full of daylight.’

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Lisa Horvatits (analyst at Eurojust)

Mother of Alma (4) and Mina (1) Amsterdam, The Netherlands


‘I know that I won’t be able to protect them their whole life but I hope by the time they fly away from the nest they will be able to live their lives safely and not recklessly.’

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Emily Gray (founder of kids label Gray Label)

Mother of Beer (5) and Filippa (3) Amsterdam, The Netherlands


‘The love I get to get from my kids. They are so incredibly happy to see me when I come back, even if I was away for a short time, only one night, it doesn’t matter. Their joy is a pure magic for me.’

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Marjolein Mos (Fashion stylist)

Mother of Jack (4) and Sef (9 months) Rotterdam, The Netherlands


‘I want them to know that the world is there for them to discover; that it’s ok to make mistakes.’

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Hyshil Sander (Illustrator)

Mother of Lokelani (6), Amsterdam, The Netherlands


‘She’s a goody good girl, which I recognize from myself when I was a kid. ‘

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Lenneke Kooijman (Jewelry designer)

Mother of Mette (almost 2) and 21 weeks pregnant, Rotterdam, The Netherlands


‘I always thought I would get a mini me but Mette really has her own character, a beautiful mix of both of us.’

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