A collection for mothers with jewelry pieces reflecting on motherhood


Making jewelry, as a mother, for mothers and kids, The Take 5 collection comes from my personal desire to take a look back and see in depth what motherhood has learned me over the past five years. The result is a collection of three designs using symbols for these ‘lessons’ like a kite, a watch and a dice.

Motherhood can be most rewarding but also challenging on a daily basis. These bracelets and necklaces remind us of the perks of motherhood and the importance of taking care and being aware of yourself.

The packaging and the included illustration on the ‘note to self’ card are designed by the talented Saar Manche. Her work to me personally represents slow living, gentleness towards ourselves and reflection. In essence, all three designs are ‘notes to self’. In the giftbox you will find the ‘note to self’ with this card I want to invite the receiver to write down their own.

Packaging Lennebelle Take 5 collection Saar Manch illustrationS

Go with the flow but stay grounded

We all know how we bend to meet our kids needs and wishes.
But we also need to make sure we don’t loose ourselves
by being there for and taking care of others.

Stay grounded and aware of yourself,
go with the flow with whatever wind blows your way.

Take 5

Take a moment for just you or being totally present
in the moment with your kids.

Let time stand still for a while or at least not matter
that much in our busy (mom) live

Play Bracelet Take 5 collection Nina Pierson


As adults we still need to embrace our playfulness.

Over time we tend to get all ‘grown up’.
Let kids be the example of how to approach life
with fun and laughter and not taking everything
so seriously.

See the world from their point of view.
Play together or play in it’s the broadest sense;
stay curious and open to discover,
to try new things and create….
take a chance and roll the dice