Round tablecloth with embroidered vibrant roses

Looking at these embroidered tablecloths makes me think of the craftsmanship and creativity of the person who made this so so long ago. To me it’s stunning every time I find a beauty like this.

Keep in mind that round tablecloths can also be used on square or rectangular tables!
In my opinion a tablecloth does not have to cover the whole table and you can also put a
bigger tablecloth underneath in a uni colour if you do wish to cover the whole table.

Vintage just feels so much more authentic and genuine.


1,34 diameter


Every item is unique and carefully chosen. Measurements, condition/particularities, material, and photos are all listed to ensure the item is represented fully.
Vintage items may have slight imperfections due to a previous life, please appreciate these items for their character. All items have been thoroughly cleaned/washed.


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