‘My forever star’ Necklace with diamond – gold plated (in memory of a mother)



This necklace is called ‘My forever star’, in honor and memory of the loss of and love for mother.

We hope this necklace will bring comfort to grieving and sorrow and gives a feeling of healing and warm loving for a lost mother.

Most moms guide the way during your life and shine a light when times are dark. This necklace is a symbol for your ‘Forever Star’ still guiding the way and shining her light, now from above.

A diamond seems the perfect combination with a forever shining star in remembrance of a mother. A diamond is seen as a symbol for eternity and relationships filled with love. Physically a diamond helps to cleanse and restore your mind, body, and soul. Mentally a diamond is perfect if you are feeling lost or confused, they help to get rid of negative thoughts and bring back the love and light.


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