Motherhood – a memoir of our first year


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An ode to motherhood’

Motherhood – a memoir of our first year came about over the course of the first year of motherhood.
Those overwhelming fears, natural instincts, the search for a new identity as a parent,
the immeasurable feelings of pure happiness.

“…because I want to remember it all, feel it, relive it over and over again. Our first year, the pure and raw memories,
the tears of exhaustion, the despair, the insecurity. The warm flood running through my veins when.
I feel her tiny chubby body fall asleep in my arms. 
that sweet, redeeming calm after a stormy period.
His hand on my back while my aching body feeds her once again in the darkest of nights.
Her chatter, the tiny fingers fiercely holding on to mine, the sweet scent of her hair.
Her innocence, fearlessness, her wondering eyes.
The process of getting to know her, the recognition, a small human slowly changing into her own person.”

Above all this book is an ode to motherhood, during all the highest highs and lowest lows,
while slowly coming to accept and appreciate all of it.

Note: This book is written in English

Carolijn Braeken graduated with a degree in corporate law and was on the fast track to become a renowned lawyer.
She soon discovered that she was unable to use her creativity and decided a career in law was not meant for her.

In search of finding her true passion, she made a name in photography, creative consultancy and branding.
Throughout her various career paths, she kept thinking back to where it all started: with a small notebook and a pen,
writing whatever she was feeling, thinking, and composing her whole world around her.

Her words are honest, vulnerable and raw. She writes intuitively about her personal life, in order to understand and
process her thoughts and feelings. She works for various clients, translating their brands/vibes/stories into words.

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