Birthstone Heart necklace – gold plated

These are the cutest gemstone heart necklaces to surprise the sweetest mothers with a special gift.

Each gemstone represents something different. Choose the one that fits here best by meaning, birth month or just her favorite colour and add your personal story to this gemstone heart necklace.

Topaz (bleu)
Strengthens your authentic self

Peridot (green)
Prosperity & Happiness

Tourmaline (pink)
Love & Emotional healing

Amethyst (purple)
Calming & Protecting

Citrine (yellow)
Joyeus energy, abundance & happiness

Rhodolite (red)
Defines the mother-child relation, warm, loving, sincere & loyal

  • Size: The necklace is 45 cm long and the heart is 4 mm
  • Material: Sterling silver with a 18 Karat sustainable gold plating
  • Giftbox: The necklace comes in a pretty box and beautifully gift wrapped

NOTE: This is a pre-order. At this moment the gold smith has finished making the necklaces and they are being gold-plated. Friday, April 28th, they will be shipped.