Mamma & Me Journal (grey)


Moments with your children

Mother’s are so click camera happy. Of their children that is. Most of the time we are behind the camera taking 3543 photos of our kids. Why not together? Because there is no one else around to take the photo, or your hair is too messy, or you have no make up on, or your clothes are stained. But when your children are older and they are left with these memories of their childhood, they don’t just want to see photos of themselves. They want to see you! Just as you are. Don’t just stand behind the camera. Document your lives together as your children grow into adults.

This journal is to inspire you to get into the photos with your children so they are left with memories of you too. You can begin now or even look to the past and write memories together before they are forgotten. This will create a priceless journal that will be treasured for years to come by your own children too.

Each spread will feature a special photo and a handwritten paragraph about the photo from you, in your own words.
A piece of handwriting that retells moments, family times, that will be treasured long after you are gone.


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