Magical pencil necklace * limited edition collaboration with Hyshil *


Everything you can imagine is real – Picasso

We got together again with the talented illustrator and dreamer Hyshil!

Children really know how to tap into their creativity and express themselves in the most inspiring ways. Drawing is a gift and something we should never stop doing. This necklace was inspired by that and will hopefully remind the wearer of it!

Ioliet is a blue/violet gemstone that promotes creativity and artistry and enhances your intuition and self-insight. A stone that combines perfectlyt with this necklace. You can choose if you wish the necklace with or without the gemstone.

This magical pencil necklace comes in a beautiful giftbox illustrated by Hyshil. Inside the box you will find the necklace in a glass tube and a blue pencil to start drawing right away.

A true gift for dreamers and creatives!

The necklace is 40cm with an extention to 45 cm and every size in between. The necklace is for both mother and daughter to wear. See images to see Hyshil (mother) and Lokelani (daughter) wearing the magic pencil necklace.

The inspiration for this necklace was drawn from the book ‘Mine’s blue miracle’, written and illustrated by Hyshil. Find your copy here (only in Dutch)

With each sold necklace we support the Alzheimer Foundation by donating 5 euro.

Magical pencil necklace * limited edition collaboration with Hyshil *