Magical embroidered tablecloth

This tablecloth is something unique with its elaborate embroidery, scalloped edges and openwork details. Obviously this tablecloth is made with skilled hands that brought this tablecloth to life. It radiates a timeless elegance. Imagine the dinners this tablecloth has ‘seen’, fancy evenings with family and friends an long after dinner chats.

It might seem like an investment but a mass produced tablecloth will cost the same or more and will be far less unique for obvious reasons. Vintage just feels so much more authentic and genuine.

Cotton / linen

1,75 x 1,25 cm


Every item is unique and carefully chosen. Measurements, condition/particularities, material, and photos are all listed to ensure the item is represented fully.
Vintage items may have slight imperfections due to a previous life, please appreciate these items for their character. All items have been thoroughly cleaned/washed.


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