‘Energy’ Necklace





Long days, short nights, on average 300 questions per kid per day, daily challenging situations you never could prepare for. Feeling overwhelmed or drained is part of being a mom. Fuel up your energy with a really quick nap, take a couple of deep breaths when you can, and wear this necklace!

Tiger eye stimulates taking action and helps to make decisions with discernment and understanding.

Tourmaline drains negative energy and converts negative energy into positive energy. It also helps you to stand in your strength and to adopt a relaxed and confident attitude. Tourmaline comes in many colors but the green one is especially known for relieving fatigue and exhaustion.

Red garnet is the perfect stone for crisis situations. Garnet gives you strength, energy, perseverance, endurance, self-confidence, willpower, and vitality.

  • Tiger eye 4 mm round
  • Tourmaline green 3×3 mm square
  • Gernet 2mm round