Breakfast set of 6 plates, 3 serving dishes and 1 butterdish

This set was love at first sight! I immediately knew I had stumbled into something extraordinary.
Besides the beautiful colors and design it is also in almost perfect condition and it’s quite unique to find a complete set like this.
Even though this is a one-of-a-kind breakfast set it should not be kept in the cupboard but enjoyed and used every day at the family breakfast table, to start the day with something that definitely sparks joy!

This tableware set is made by Dutch ceramic factory Royal Goedewaagen which dates back all the way to 1601, specializing in ceramics for over 400 years!


Plates: 21 cm
Serving dish x2 : 24 cm
Serving dish x 1: 25 cm
Butter dish: 18 cm

Vintage with slight imperfections on the green leaves of one plate.

Koninklijk Goedewaagen Gouda,

Every item is unique and carefully chosen. Measurements, condition/particularities, material, and photos are all listed to ensure the item is represented fully. Vintage items may have slight imperfections due to a previous life, please appreciate these items for their character. All items have been thoroughly cleaned/washed.


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