Lennebelle Jewelry is made to be an extension of a person who wears it. Every piece is made with utmost care and love and we sincerely hope that it will be worn every single day.


Here are some tips to keep your beautiful jewelry in its best condition and to let you enjoy it to the fullest;

  • We advise to leave your jewelry at home when gardening, doing active sports, and carrying/moving heavy items. 
  • For kids we advise to take off the jewelry with ‘wild’ activities or romping around.
  • Avoid its contact with products such as perfume, alcohol and/or other chemical containing products and chlorinated water such as swimming pools. ‘Normal’ water will not cause any damage to your jewelry.
  • Give your jewelry its beauty sleep and take it off when you’re going to bed.




When making our jewelry we use the finest materials like sterling silver, 18k sustainable RJC Certified gold plated over sterling silver, and semi-precious stones.

Lennebelle Jewelry require little care and a lot of enjoyment. Nevertheless once in a while you can give your jewelry piece some extra care.



Over the time silver can become darker due to oxidation. Silver jewelry oxidizes naturally with air, light and humidity. The best way to prevent it from happening is to wear your silver jewelry piece regularly.

If your silver jewelry piece does change its color you can gently clean and polish it with a soft cloth. Alternatively, you can use a soft toothbrush (preferably a baby toothbrush) to clean. However, keep in mind that silver is a soft material and is easily scratched. We also recommend using a silver bath (available in stores, read the instructions well, not suitable for gold plated or gemstones)




With time a gold layer in all gold plated items gets worn out. It’s a natural process. This process is influenced by how the jewelry is taken care of and personal skin chemistry/acidity. The latter depends on diet, alcohol consumption, medication use, hormones and perspiration. 

However, if you want your jewelry sparkle back we offer you a solution!



Twice a year you can send us your bracelet/necklace and we will give it it’s shine back by giving it a new gold plated layer. The costs are € 15,- for a bracelet and € 20,- for a necklace ex shipping costs.
Get in touch for more information.
NOTE: The ball chain jewelry are not suitable for the gold plating service.





Semi-precious stones are sensitive noble materials created by Mother Nature. The best way to keep them as good as new is to minimize their contact with chemicals and beauty products.



Store all your jewelry pieces separately in the signature Lennebelle glass tubes. Not only are they pretty but they keep your jewelry safe and clean and it prevents them from getting tangled or oxidized.



Due to the length and frailty of the jewelry, the glass tube packaging and the jewelry containing small parts, Lennebelle Jewelry is for kids + 3  years and older.

But most importantly enjoy your jewelry piece on a daily basis with a big smile.
Our jewelry are made to be worn, to encourage personal style and to become a symbol of the love
and special connection between you and your kid.