Our personal story

Lennebelle Jewelry was born out of a true mother’s heart when jewelry designer Lenneke Kooijman had her first daughter in 2013. The purest of feelings found its outcome in a jewelry line celebrating the very special bond between mother and child.

“I truly believe that motherhood is one of the most fantastic and rewarding (and challenging ;-)) things that can happen to a woman in life. When I laid a first glance on my newly born daughter I was completely taken aback by how deep and overruling my love for her is. It’s such a strong beautiful emotion.

“Lennebelle Jewelry is a way to show this love,
to share it with your kids, 
to remind ourselves
about the magical connection mother and child have ”
says Lenneke. 

I believe that every mom and mom to be experiences this. And with Lennebelle Jewery I want to make it even more special, to let women  have a token of this great feeling”.

“The inspiring women we feature share
their thoughts on life, kids, work and style.”

Mamma Stories

The launch of Lennebelle Jewelry also marks a start of the Mamma Stories. The inspiring women we feature share their thoughts on life, kids, work and style.

Read the witty interviews, look through the enchanting photos, and watch the dreamy videos and come back regularly for a new dose of mothers love and inspiration.

Take a look at the Mamma Stories here.
Nest Giftbox Lenenbelle Petites jewelry


For the first collection Lenneke teamed up with illustrator – graphic designer Hyshil Sander. They had an instant click as both are mothers and successful creative minds; both live in big cities and enjoy small things. “These days are hard times for dreamers like we are. Kids inspire us to enjoy things which seem so simple and obvious that we all tend to forget about them. For example: making a wish while looking at a shooting star or enjoying a rainbow after a summer shower. For us the beauty of the world is magnified in many times when introduced to a little person” say Lenneke and Hyshil when talking about the collection.

Along with new designs regularly created by Lenneke for the line, Lennebelle Jewelry offers best-sellers, pieces that are loved by many all around the world.

Every jewelry piece is brought to life from highest quality material like certified sterling silver, RCJ certified 18k gold plated over sterling silver and semi-precious stones.

All Lennebelle Jewelry pieces come in signature glass tubes and pretty gift boxes. Our tubes are a great way to store your jewelry safe and in style and to let it become a treasured keepsake.


A Special Gift

The key to Lennebelle Jewelry designs is that they all are emotive. These are not simple decorative pieces but tokens of love, memories of special occasions. Be it a baby-shower surprise, a present from your husband, a thank you for a grandmother, or a special treat for yourself – Lennebelle Jewelry are unforgettable gifts for every woman and child.

Lots of Love,

“Our jewelry are made to share, to love and to cherish small moments
from which the big things in life are made of.”