Copenhagen – Denmark

Mie Frey Damgaard is a Danish illustrator based in Copenhagen. Being a woman, mother, wife, sister and daughter herself is an ongoing source of inspiration for her. We felt a connection here and fell in love with the delicate pregnant lady on her pregnancy journal. For this reason we asked if Mie wanted to design the gift box for the Nest collection.

Mie Frey Damgaard illustrator portrait Lennebelle studio



When/how did you find out about your talent?

My love for drawing and creating things has always been there, as long as I can remember. I was creating stories while drawing when I was a child and I did that all the time. So I guess I see it more as love than talent. I just love to do it and therefore I do it all the time and I became good at it… Or maybe it is talent… I don’t know

How did you get in touch with Lennebelle Petites? How did the process of briefing and designing go?
Lenneke contacted me. She had seen my Pregnancy Journal and asked me to do something similar for her new collection. I was very happy about that. It is so meaningful when somebody likes your work and therefore wants to work with you. The design ended up very different than we thought as it sometimes goes. But I think that is very nice. I like when the process takes you to unexpected places. Usually, that is a better place.

What is your ‘signature’ when it comes to your work?
My works offten circles around women and the different aspects of being a woman. For example motherhood, pregnancy, breastfeeding, love and partnership… And I like to think my self that there is a lot of humour in my work.



Did you do anything else besides ‘illustrating’ illustrations? (fabric, fair stands, you name it)
I sometimes do graphic design along with the illustration. I like that a lot. Then I have some control of the setting my illustration ends up in.  And I teach. It is very meaningful to me to pass on my love for the field to other people.

What was your favourite job/assignment this far? I am illustrating for a woman magazine in Denmark and I love that. It is funny to read an article and then try to communicate the whole thing in one illustration. I also really like to illustrate for books and products. This way the illustrations live longer…

What’s the best advice you have gotten and what’s the best advice you can give considering your work?
Just keep on trying even when the wind is not going your way.

Mie Frey Damgaard illustrator portrait Lennebelle work

In collaboration with Lennebelle Jewelry Mie Frey Damgaard designed the packaging for the Nest Collection