Saar manch

The Hague – the Netherlands




When/how did you find out about your talent?
My grandmother and mother were both illustrators so I don’t know anything different than there was always drawing at the kitchen table.


How did you get in touch with Lennebelle Petites? How did the process of briefing and designing go?
I met Lenneke via a common friend. When we were talking at a cup of coffee, she asked me to illustrate a box for her new collection. It was a joy to work on together we set the colours and mood board. In different phases of the illustration we had contact about how to proceed and so it turned out to be a product of the two of us.


What is your ‘signature’ when it comes to your work?
I mostly draw sceneries of daily life, in which my signature is, I think, in the use of color and the quietness kept in a moment.



What was your favourite job/assignment this far?
I really can’t choose between the projects i’m working on. I love the fact they’re all different. Sometimes illustrations, patterns, photography or paintings. I like the alternation.


What is your favourite item from the Take 5 Collection? And why?
My favourite of the new collection is the dice. as the shape is so simple. and it has the excitement of looking forward as you don’t know what you will get in life. 

In collaboration with Lennebelle Petites, Saar Manch designed the illustration for the packaging and the illustration on the note to self card.