Amsterdam – the Netherlands

When/how did you find out about your talent?
There wasn’t a specific moment, it’s something that grew and at a certain point you realise you’re maybe good at something, probably when I was in elementary school. Drawing on a technical level is something that just asks for a lot of practice, but the part that’s most important to me is vision and channeling inspiration. It’s a continuous learning experience!

How did you get in touch with Lennebelle Petites? How did the proces of briefing and designing go?
Lenneke first contacted me as a designer and I designed her visual branding and identity. We got along really well and she then asked me to design the first collection for Lennebelle Petites with her, which was an amazing chance of course and we jumped in together.

What is your ‘signature’ when it comes to your work?
My work is very detailed and mostly made with pencil. It’s very soft and feminine. I love day-dreaming and that comes through in my work.

Did you do anything else besides ‘illustrating’ illustrations apart from jewelry before?
I’ve made a lot of drawings on windows, a children’s dress (and matching bag) with Kids on the Moon, and evena 67m long wall in the city!


What was your favourite job/assignment this far?
Difficult question! I’ve been very lucky. Working with Lenneke has been very meaningful to me for different reasons, I never imagined turning my drawings into actual jewelry. But also on a personal level the collaboration has been such a learning experience, we grew together and know each other quite well now I think.

The personal connections I make through my work are really the biggest rewards.Also my first children’s book is coming out this month which is a dream project though. The story came 100% from my imagination and to get the chance to turn that into a real book is truly amazing, I can’t wait!

What’s the best advice you have gotten and what’s the best advice you can give considering your work?
In the age of social media it can be tempting to start making the things that get the most likes. But there was once a moment people started following you because of what you made. Stay true to what yóu like, even if people have to get used to it at first. Integrity is everything, people will feel it!

What is your favourite item from the Daydreamers Collection? And why?
It has to be the Stargazer bracelet. It’s based on one of my signature prints so it feels very personal to me and it’s a classic!

In collaboration with Lennebelle Petites, Hyshil designed the corporate identity and charms.