Utrecht – the Netherlands

It was Cebine who reached out to us by sending an e-mail if we were interested in working together.
At that time we were busy with so many other things but Cebines’ artwork was so different from the styles
we had been working with it stuck in our mind and after some time we got in touch again.
The fine detail in her work is stunning. Her personal favourite subject is nature and since ‘gemstones’ are some of
natures prettiest pieces of ‘work’ we thought it would be a perfect combination. I love the combination of the more abstract
figures transforming into the very detailed gemstones together with the raw stones going into the faceted stones and then into the bracelet.
It shows the proces from raw material into to fine jewelry it becomes.
When/how did you find out about your talent?
As soon as I could hold a pencil I started drawing, I guess it was love at first draw!
In nursery school I noticed I was good at it by the compliments I got from my teachers.
The positive feedback I got on my skills only made me want to draw and paint more.
When I was 13 I joined a young talent course which was taught by a really good painter/artist.
After the course ended I joined his oil painting lessons on saturday mornings.
While my peers slept in or joined their sport clubs I sat between middle aged people and painted,
What is your ‘signature’ when it comes to your work?
My work is always drawn to nature as I like to call it, so it looks realistic and I am very inspired by nature. I am a slave to the details, luckely it doesn’t feel like that. The opposite, I feel very free and zen when I draw. My favorite tool is pencil, I spent years of drawing grey graphite illustrations.
What was your favourite job/assignment so far?
That is a hard question.. I don’t know if there is a specific assignment that stands out like that.
My favourite assignments were those where I got a briefing and started searching and puzzeling how to translate the wishes of a client in to an illustration/artwork/pattern and that in the end everything fell into the right place. That feeling that it hit the right spot is very addictive
What’s the best advice you have gotten and what’s the best advice you can give considering work?
The best advice I have gotten is to draw not what you know but what you see.
The best advice I can give considering work is maybe a bit cliche but stay close to yourself, do what feels good! That sounds easy but is very hard.

In collaboration with Lennebelle Jewely, Cebine designed the packaging identity for the Gemstone Collection