Amersfoort – the Netherlands

We had loved Alijt her drawings for a long time before we even asked her if she wanted to work with us.
I was introduced to her work by a postcard with a fat flamingo and started to follow her. 
Her type of illustrations felt perfect for the This is Us collection where we wanted cute and simple designs for the charms. 
Alijt wants her work to be simplistic and that it brings a smile to your face and it for sure does that trick for us!

When/how did you find out about your talent?
As a kid I used to draw a lot but when I grew older I just stopped doing creative things. When I was in high school, during class, I doodled a very fat horse, and that horse somehow became the start of my hobby during my college years. I didn’t like my studies and so my brother encouraged me to draw more fat horses. I followed his advice and uploaded my drawings to my Tumblr page. People responded positively and I started to use Instagram as a portfolio as well. I got questions for postcards and later on birth announcements! Now, a few years later, I get all kinds of commissions and am a happy fulltime illustrator.
How did you get in touch with Lennebelle Petites? How did the proces of briefing and designing go?
Lenneke emailed me early 2017 with a commission for a gems collection. I was very excited! Unfortunately the gems collection was put on hold. In 2018 Lenneke emailed me again for a new collection! We started with a briefing about the idea behind the collection, the colors and characters. After that I started sketching and soon I could start painting (my favorite part). It was real teamwork, with Lenneke’s ideas and vision and I love the result!
What is your ‘signature’ when it comes to your work?
I use very simple shapes and lines. Mostly pastel colors en always small black details. My characters are always a bit too round and have two tiny black eyes.
Alijt illustratie
Did you do anything else besides ‘illustrating’ illustrations? (stof, behang, etc..)
Mostly I design cards and announcements. But along the way I’ve made illustrations for kids rooms, (photo)books and fabric.
What was your favourite job/assignment so far?
My favorite assignment so far were the kids room theme’s I got to design, which was really out of my comfort zone. And also (not at all meaning to be cheesy here!) the Lennebelle commission. I followed Lennebelle long before she asked me for his collection and I always loved the artwork and feel of the brand.
What’s the best advice you have gotten and what’s the best advice you can give considering your work?
To give my dream to be an illustrator a chance and to go for it! It was scary but also so rewarding! That’s also my advice to others: give your dream a chance.
What is your favourite item from the This is us Collection? And why?
I love the tree and also the bunny, so simple yet so cute !
This is us bracelet

In collaboration with Lennebelle Jewely, Alijt designed the packaging identity and charms for the This is us Collection