alleen beschikbaar in het Engels

 Lot du jour

Castricum – The Netherlands 

I think she is just the coolest kid in town. 

When/how did you find out about your talent?
I don’t see myself as a very talented person. I just really like being creative and doing things that bring me joy. But it took me a few years to realize you don’t need to have talent to do this. 
What did you do to get where you are now?
If been drawing since I was a little girl, just because I enjoyed being in my own world
way more than playing sports or other wild things kids do;) When I went to high school I stopped drawing, because I felt like I didn’t have talent for it (like I said, the thing about talent took me a few years to realize) until I started studying at Academie Artemis where I started to use illustrations and collaging to stand out and make my work recognizable as ‘me’. I would sometimes posted these drawings on my instagram and after getting a lot of positive feedback I decided to start @lotdujour. Since then Lot du jour is something I work on everyday and I’ve been extremely lucky that this ball continues to start rolling and that Lot du jour is growing into an actual business. 
What are your plans and desires for the future?
Lot du jour world take over! I hope that one day in every home you walk in you will find either a illustration, postcard, my collector’s item book, a marbled poster or some other Lot du jour creation. 

What is your ‘signature’ when it comes to your work, and how would you describe it?
Hard to say since it also depends in what kind of mood I am that week, sometimes it’s all about marbling, other times it’s about simple drawings using lot’s of color. I guess what they all have in common is that they are fun and not too serious. 

What is your favourite piece/job assignment that you did this far?
I’m still amazed by the fact that people actually want to work with me because they like what I make. So every assignment I get feels like a lucky shot! 
What would be your dream assignment?

My dream assignment would be if Merci Paris ask me to marble their whole store + have Lot du jour knickknacks. Or a collaboration with HOLIDAY magazine about collecting (I see this as me traveling the world and finding wonderful collector’s that will be featured in the magazine, with an edit I made) or to illustrate a kids books. 


What part of your job gives you the most enjoyment and what part do you consider a struggle/challenge (if there are any ;-)?
Everything about LOT DU JOUR brings me joy, but what I struggle with is that my work will always be personal – not intended but
it’s literally something that happens in my brain and is made by my hand, so when I first tell people about my work and they say oh show me! I always find it extremely awkward and rather brush it off, give them my instagram name and let them lure in private. 

What’s the best advice you have gotten and what’s the best advice you can give considering your work?

3 years a go I did a drawing course in London, at the royal drawing school. 

I was the youngest in class, the average age was 70+ and I loved it! We had to make portraits all week, something that I had never done before. You could tell that my portets looked nothing like what they ‘should’ look like and where most spend hours on making 1 portret and then almost being close to throwing it out of the window, I make 20 portets a day, finishing them within minutes and on to the next. It was so much fun to spend days filled with drawing and being surrounded by nice people and being at this school in London. I couldn’t care less if my portret didn’t exactly look like the model. At the end of the week one of the ladies came to me and said: “ I think your drawings where the best of what everybody made this week, very you so please don’t ever stop having fun and being careless when it comes to art, I wish I could still draw like that “
I still think of that as one of the nicest compliments anyone has given me and when I notice I start to overthink my work, I always think about my week in London and what this lovely lady said to me. So the best advise I can give is that it’s so easy to overthink in life (trust me, quilty as charged) but when it comes to doing something you love, the key is not too think about it too much, and just do it. 

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