From first design to final jewelry piece

Some history

We started out over 10 years ago with vintage jewelry pendants from an antique market and made cotton hand dyed tassels to got with them. After a while our wish was to design our own pieces and during a three month travel in Asia in 2009 we found a loyal and trustworthy partner in Thailand that is making our jewellery pieces in 925 sterling silver.
A new collection

A new collection starts with a concept, a clear vision of the story we want to tell. We scout for a graphic or illustration talent that helps up visualising our ideas. This can be from the packaging and in most cases also the jewelry charm design. In some cases, like the Motherlove and Take 5 collection, we make the jewelry designs ourselves.
From first sketch to final jewelry piece takes time
The jewelry designs are send to May and Suri, they are our contacts and take care of the whole process in Thailand. First we receive 3D design drawings, then the wax models, then they start making the samples and after our confirmation the whole production is made in limited amounts. From start to finish it takes a couple of months. 
When we receive all the jewelry pieces, part of it is send to Belgium where they get a layer of 3 micron (meaning the thickness of the layer) in 18K RJC certified gold.
The final touch in our own studio
Some bracelets and necklaces come with (semi) gemstone beads. These beads are attached to the jewelry by hand in our own studio in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Also the personalizations with the hand-engraved letters are applied to the jewelry by hand on our very vintage engraving machine.
Recycling our own silver
The Gemstone Collection, ‘You Rock my World’ is a different journey. We source for beautiful and meaningfull gemstones at a Dutch gemstone expert gallery and wholesaler.
We are so happy to be able to use old collection items and samples and recycle them for this collection. The silver and the stones are send or brought by family and friends to Curaçao where our friend and goldsmith Nastasia Gendreau lives.
She graduated from the gold and silversmith education in Schoonhoven and makes jewelry for her label Izao in her atelier. With her craftmanship she creates amazing pieces for Lennebelle according to our designs.