The Daydreamers collection is inspired by everyday magic like our solar system,
little bee’s making honey, a rainbow or making a wish when you see a shooting star.
It’s magical to share these life’s little miracle with your child(ren).

The beautiful drawings of illustrator Hyshil have come to life in certified sterling silver,
RJC certified sustainable 18 K gold-plated and (semi) precious stones.

Lennebelle Petites is a perfect gift full of (mother’s) love.
All items have a special name such as “You make my wishes come true” or
“You color my world like a rainbow” to give meaning to any bracelet / necklace
that you wear that says something about the love and bond between mother and child.

Lennebelle Petites a gift from the heart
The Mamma Stories featuring Anne-Britt, Pearly Lee & Lovis Sue - Joey van Dongen
The Mamma Stories featuring Anne-Britt, Pearly Lee & Lovis Sue - Joey van Dongen

The illustrator

Hyshil designed the illustration of the Daydreamers collection.

The daydreamers collection is the first Lennebelle collection. 
We first started working with Hyshil to re-design our brand identity. At the time we only did adult women jewelry and we shared our idea with Hyshil about the mother daughter jewelry concept.
We both were so excited about the idea and had a shared vision for this new collection so we decided to work on this together.
The Stargazer is based on one of Hyshil’ best selling drawings the other designs come from joined input; rainbows, bees, the universe.
Subjects that we feel strongly about when it comes to little kids and their point of view on the world.
We love the dreaminess, sensitivity and tenderness in Hyshil her work. It’s often not only what the eye can see in her illustrations, it’s more like storytelling.
Since we have been working so closely together for the start of Lennebelle Petites, both feeling this was a true adventure and something new for the both of us,
we developed a true fondness for each other and became friends.
After the launch we stayed in touch and asked Hyshil to design a Christmas card and decided to do a limited edition jewelry piece, the Magic Pencil necklace, that was inspired by her book ’The blue wonder of Mine’
With this limited edition we decided to donate part of it to the Alzheimer Foundation both for personal reasons.