CHristine – Cosmic life

Zandvoort – the Netherlands


Tell us a bit about yourself!
Hi, I’m Christine! I’m a teacher and public speaker. I teach women how to tap into their own powers to change their life, by changing their thoughts and emotions; by changing their energy. I use specific journaling exercises and a unique Manifesting Meditation that activates your magnetic field to literally draw your dreams towards you.
Besides that, I’m the mother of Jack who’s 16 months now. Together with Jeroen, we live at the beach in Zandvoort, where we surf and where I enjoy hosting private coaching sessions and doing walking meditations at the beach.
What is your journey, what lead you to starting Cosmic Life?
4 years ago I found myself stuck in life. I was emotionally unbalanced; I felt anxiety, I was competitive, stressed and most of all…very insecure. I had developed a fear of public speaking and experienced health issues like skin rashes and hair loss. The most important thing was that I struggled through life, there was no flow at all. I was working for a corporate climbing my way up on the career ladder. But somewhere deep down inside of me I knew I was destined for something else.
In January 2016 I made a definite decision to do everything I could to change my life. And that was when my journey began. I started reading, doing a lot of workshops, diving into the world of energy, of quantum physics and neuroscience. I became aware that my beliefs and my thoughts shaped my life, my destiny. 
After two years of soul searching and studying, I developed my own practice of journaling and meditation, which I call a Manifesting Practice today. When I started practicing this, after 4 weeks I manifested exactly what I had been visualizing in my meditation! I was so amazed and in awe….from that moment on my life radically changed for good. I AM a teacher now, teaching others how to change your life, by changing your thoughts and your energy.
How did Cosmic Life evolve since you have started and what are your plans for the future?

In March 2019, just one week after giving birth I launched my website. I started with hosting retreats and workshops at the beach. In March this year (2020) I launched my first online course Manifest. In which I teach the 5 Proven Steps to change your life. I love working in collaborations, it is so much fun to create beautiful things together and to have a bigger impact! 
In my future I see myself creating more online programs, working 1:1 in exclusive settings teaching how to become a Modern Mystic. 
I dream of standing on a stage in front of 500 women, teaching this magical knowledge, having beautiful cosmic products and collaborations like with Lennebelle.  
I can imagine people in general could think of Cosmic Life as spacey and vague and feel skeptical about it. What would you tell them?
It’s science 😉
In what way has ‘manifesting your dreams’ proven itself to you?
In so many ways, too much to mention really! But I’ve manifested the exact home as I visualized it, I manifested major opportunities, collaborations and business growth. 
On a daily basis I experience flow, and many synchronicities and miracles are happening in my life actually. I believe that everyone is able to experience this, you just need to know how! 


How do you combine motherhood with your business?

Ohhh hard question: to be very honest, it’s a challenge. 
I want to grow my business and I want to be with Jack as much as I can.
Currently we don’t have a lot of day care, so work has to be done in the evenings and weekends.
I think what it is most important is that I totally accept what I have in this very moment. I know and I trust that my business will grow when the time is right. I believe that everything comes with divine timing.
When I’m with Jack I try to be fully present with him, to play and enjoy us being together and to grow a very strong connection. 
I often close my eyes when I’m giving him a bottle and visualize our harmonious and loving relationship. I visualize him emotionally balanced, healthy and happy. I’m already looking forward to when time comes I can meditate and give gratitude with him together!
What would you like to manifest when it comes to Jack, family life and motherhood?
A strong and harmonious connection with Jack. 
A strong, balanced, loving, intimate and passionate relationship with Jeroen.
Abundance for our family: to me this is to be (financially) free, healthy and harmonious. 
I’m dreaming of being away three months a year with my family: one month in the mountains, snowboarding, one month in Austria at the lake, sailing and fishing and one month Ibiza…;) that is what I want to manifest for my family. 
We did a collaboration around ‘Gratitude’. How does Gratitude play a roll in what you do?

Gratitude is one of the fastest and easiest ways to raise your vibration, your energy. What you are grateful of, you will receive more of. 
When we live our lives at an elevated frequency, we experience clarity of mind, optimal health, and alignment with our spirit. We are able to flow within our personal power zone, magnetize our dreams, achieve our goals, and enjoy life to its fullest. We are able to transform our lives!
How do you practice Gratitude yourself?
In my daily manifesting practice I’m grateful for what I already have, and I train myself to be grateful for the things I don’t have yet. Because the emotional signature of gratitude means that you already have it. 
Me personally believe that Gratitude is a big part of feeling content in your life. Are there any books, movies, documentaries or other tips that you can recommend on this subject?

I love the book “The Universe has your Back” by Gabrielle Bernstein and “Becoming Supernatural” of Dr. Joe Dispenza.  I loved the documentary Heal. 


In collaboration with Lennebelle Jewelry, Christine from Cosmic Life wrote a heartfelt text on Gratitude for mother & child.