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Annelijn, Maen & Dapper


Tell us a little bit about yourselfI am Annelijn. A bit chaotic. More visually oriented than theoretical. Living in Amsterdam at one of the most beautiful canals together with my partner and our little ones Maen and Dapper. What made you decide to start Dapper Maentje?Following the birth of Maen I was orientating on what […]

Guusje, Niko & Bowi

You have created a beautiful concept HAAS. Can you tell me what it is about and what motivated you to create HAAS? Awww thanks! HAAS is a gift box that contains a carefully curated selection of unique, beautiful and essential products for mamas and babies (to be). From onesie, swaddle and skincare to cuddly toy, […]

Nina & Ella

Bedrock is all about ‘Your daily guide to personal growth’, How did becoming a mother grow you personally? Wow, it’s the biggest enhancer in personal growth. I think it’s a very healthy thing to do when you are a grown-up: to shift your attention from yourself to another person. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t […]

Angel, Levyn & Seph

The Mamma Stories Angel, Levyn & Seph for Lennebelle Petites - Joey van Dongen

 What has changed in your life since you became a mother? A lot! My kids have taught me patience, an amazing kind of love and they make me a better person. They show me every single day that not the big but the little things in life matters. What do you want to teach […]

Kim, Woed & Dia

What has changed in your life since you became a mother? For me it’s hard to find the balance between work and family. This constant search for where you need to be, has definitely been a big change in my life. Also the feeling that you really need to take care of these two before you […]

Alexandra, Faas, Simon & Hella


What has changed in your life since you became a mother? I don’t want to sound radical, but I think a lot has changed in the past five year. Live’s less spontaneous (at least for me, not for the kids) and I’m far less unprejusticied. But I don’t want to change a thing, being a […]