The Mamma Stories featuring Lisa, Alma & Mia - Joey van Dongen

What has changed in your life since you became a mother?
There is much more responsibilities and structure in my life since I became a mother, however also way more joy and love. I definitely pay more attention to have a safe and peaceful environment.

What things do you want to teach your child/ children?
I want to teach them the importance of friends and family. And that there is more that yourself; we should get involved with what’s going on around us in this world.

What do you like most to do all together?
Go into a park or a forest together, or stay home and dance, draw and bake.

What’s the best thing about being a mother?
Unconditional love.

What did surprise you about motherhood?
How vulnerable you suddenly become.

What is typical about your child/children?
Alma is very caring, funny, sweet and social, whiles Mina is very independent, stubborn but also very sensitive.

What are you looking for when it comes to toys and playing?
It’s important that toys we choose provide enough opportunities to develop imagination.

The Mamma Stories featuring Lisa, Alma & Mia - Joey van Dongen The Mamma Stories featuring Lisa, Alma & Mia - Joey van Dongen

What are your favorite places to take your kids to?
Flevopark, Artis, the sea shore.

What are the things you can’t live without since you became a mother?
The anti conception pill, I tremendously enjoy of my girls but I also find it extremely important that a woman can decide how many children she wants to have.

What’s the invention of the century when it comes to kids?
Vaccinations and disposable diapers are definitely my top one.

What’s your advice to all newbie moms?
You can be tired, frustrated and exhausted all at once. You are a human. Ask for help and pay attention to yourself. A happy mama makes her baby/kid happy.

What do you find difficult as a parent and how do you try to solve the difficulties?
Being tired. I’m trying not to plan too many things for weekends and my mother comes often from Austria to help me out with the kids.

How do you prefer raising your child/children, what works for you?
To be consequent. I notice that a lot of parents are too soft, they allow their kids too much. But I think children need to know their boundaries.

As a mother what would you like to do differently?
I’d love to have breakfast with my kids every single day. But unfortunately I have to leave home very early in the morning to get on time to my work at The Hague.

What’s your favorite moment of the day?
When I come home from my work and kids go over the top jumping and hugging as they are super happy that we are all together again.



The Mamma Stories featuring Lisa, Alma & Mia - Joey van Dongen The Mamma Stories featuring Lisa, Alma & Mia - Joey van Dongen

How do you unwind? What is a nice treat for you?
I love taking photos. Photography is my passion and it really helps me to unwind. Watching a great movie helps too.

What do you do to make sure everything is ‘in balance’, work, family, friends?
I’m trying every single day to find a balance. I work 80%, so not full time but yet finding a balance is a challenge.

Do you have some traditions or rituals?
We always have dinner all together and no phones are allowed. And of course reading of a book before bed is great ritual as well.

Can you tell a little about how you decorated your kid’s room?
We haven’t actually get to decorating a nursery yet. But there is a poster of Rie Cramer, a Dutch writer and illustrator of children’s books pinned to a wall. I’m a big fan of her works.

What’s important to you interior-wise, when it comes to creating a home?
A cozy warm atmosphere in a house.

Where do you shop for your kid(s)?
I don’t have some special brands on my list. I buy something when they need something or when I find this particular piece pretty. It can be Hema, H&M, Petit Bateau, anything. Luckily my mom (she’s Finish) always brings some pretty clothing from Finland. I especially love Marimekko brand.

What are the “kids proof” places you like to go to?

How do you stay in shape, physically and emotionally?
Work and kids keep me busy which I like. I’m happy and satisfied with my life. Eating well and not being too hard on myself is also important.

What’s the nicest piece of art you ever got from kid(s)?
Every day I get a new drawing from Alma, those are amazing.

When does your heart melt?
When I watch Mina and Alma enjoying themselves in a bathtub, laughing and splashing like two little fishes.When Alma takes care of me when I’m sick or comforts me when I’m upset.

The Mamma Stories featuring Lisa, Alma & Mia - Joey van Dongen

The Mamma Stories featuring Lisa, Alma & Mia - Joey van Dongen

What’s the most difficult part of being a mother?
Fear, a fear of something bad happening with the kids. I know that I won’t be able to protect them the whole life but I hope by the time they fly away from the nest they will be able to live their lives safely and not recklessly.

What is a role of your own mother?
She’s very important to me, to us. My mother comes often to Amsterdam (she lives in Austria). On the days when she’s here it’s I love feeling that I’m not only a mother but also a daughter.

Which city do you like to visit and why?
We just came back from New York. I loved it. I got loaded with new energy and inspiration.

What’s important for you when you go on holiday with family?
We love going on holiday with friends who also have kids. Usually we go somewhere into the nature.

What do you like about your partner as a father?
Frank is an amazing father. He always takes care of the girls in the morning when I’m early off to work. She inspires them to try and dare, to become independent and to enjoy themselves.

How did your relationship with your partner change after you became parents?
First it was definitely difficult to combine being partners to each other and being parents. But now when we found our rhythm, I know that our relationship grew deeper and became more solid.

How does your date-night look like?
We talk, we tell, we listen, we dance, we drink, we look in each other’s eyes.

The Mamma Stories featuring Lisa, Alma & Mia - Joey van Dongen